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We have been fishing the park and floating the Holston all week. The park has been good with March Browns, Gloden Stones and Yellow Sallies. Matching the hatch isn’t as important as staying low and getting a good drift. Yellow Stimulators, Tan Caddis and an Adams will all be good choices to throw. We are finally seeing some steady water levels in the mountains after a very wet start to our Spring.


Sean with his first fish in the Smokies on a dry fly.       Bill throwing at a rising fish.

If you decide to fish the park, be careful and keep your potatoes peeled for snakes. We were surprised to see the guy on the left sitting on a rock  at the waters edge and almost stepped on him. A lot of folks mistake this Banded Water Snake for a Copperhead and although they look kind of similar they are way different put together.


The Holston River has been fishing great and the Caddis have started to hatch. The water is in the upper 50’s and the fish are sporadically taking dries, but most have been on nymphs. Cherokee Dam has been keeping a constant flow all day and pulsing 1 generator every 3 hours which has been great to float. I got to take 2 of my buddies out for a float this past Thursday on the Holston and we did pretty good.


This was a pretty common view from my seat all day. Bill with a nice bow.

The action lasted pretty much all day and the fish were bulked up from the Winter. I don’t think you could compare the fight of a Holston fish to any of our other tailwaters in our area. We didn’t fish for smallies much but Hugh did catch one on a dry. Hugh pretty much stayed in the back of the boat batting cleanup and shooting video which you can find on his site ( Towards the end of the float we got to see one of God’s most beautiful birds.

Seeing them in pictures doesn’t even do them justice. Bald Eagles are huge birds and fun to watch while floating down the river.

We were back on the Holston today with some local boys from Knoxville and had a great time and the fish were definitely turned on. Some were beginners and others had done it quite a bit, but they all had a blast and caught fish, so what more could you ask for. If you decide to head out don’t forget the rain jacket, because you could run into a pretty nasty storm at any time. I hope you get the chance to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather and if you would like to book a trip please call or email us. Thanks and have a great day.



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