The Holston River has been fishing great and we are seeing sporadic hatches throughout the day. Dry fly fishing isn’t quite there, but we have stuck a few with them. Nymphs are still the way to go. Wednesday, Kevin from Detroit wanted to do a float so we headed to the Holston only to get there and see a river of chocolate milk and not the low fat kind, but the real stuff. Rescheduling for the next day sounded better. Thursday morning when we got to the river; the color was back to normal and fish were eating midges.


Kevin is a steelhead fisherman so throwing tiny flies for sipping trout took some getting used to, but it didn’t take him long. Fish like this one were caught fairly often.

This was a common sight from the bench.

The fishing was pretty good for most of the day and the bug activity was consistent. Again it was mainly midges, but plenty of them and no shortage of fish. Kevin is a great fisherman and I look forward to future trips with him. We have been dealing with a lot of rain lately and every day has had some chance of thunderstorms. We got through most of the float and didn’t see a single cloud and within minutes the sky was black and the rain was there. It’s like we have skipped Spring and gone into Summer.

One more shot of a very colorful male bow.

Have a great day and Happy Easter everyone.




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