Spring is definitely here

Since the weather has been so nice and the air temp has been really warm, we have been watching the smallmouth waters around here in hopes that the water temp would stay in the 50’s. The last couple of days the water temp has been teetering around 50, but we have had some cool nights which has slowed the fishing down a bit. Today it was just right and I got away from the vise for a few hours and got to jerk some jaws.


The first smallies of the year. Gosh it feels good.

The fish weren’t real active and I had more love when I fished the fly pretty slow. When you get a strike  this time of year, don’t expect a slam either, because more than not your line will just get tight. All the fish I caught today were thick and healthy which means they are bulking up. If you look at the second fish’s tail it kind of looks like he has been fanning a bed, it would be super early for that, but I wouldn’t doubt anything after what we have already seen this Spring. That is something I think is pretty cool about smallmouth. The male is the one who finds a spot to spawn, then fans it out and after the female lays the eggs the male stays back to protect the nest.

I guess you could say that smallmouth are the gentleman of the fish world, unlike trout who make the female do everything. The next few days are only going to get warmer and the fishing should be amazing. We are getting a good amount of rain right now and it is supposed to hang around all day tomorrow.

This guy was routing around in a shallow eddy and took a crawdad.

There was another carp in the same pool about twice as big as this guy and I lost him due to the tip of my hook being bent. Oh well, that’s fishing. We have been filling up our boxes with streamers and topwater flies and it’s awesome that we are finally getting to use them. Stay posted for some more smallie action as long as the weather stays nice. For those of you fishing with us this season we have some new flies in store for you to try. Have a great day and be safe on the water.

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