A very warm March

Here in East TN the weather is very nice with the temperatures staying close to 80 every day. The fishing in the Smoky Mountains has been great and the tailwaters are getting a break from the generation for a while. I had the opportunity of showing Steve Liptak how good the fishing is yesterday. We spent most of the day around Elkmont and fishing dries. The first half of the day fished pretty good, but the second half was on fire.

Steve is used to fishing pocket water in the mountains of West Virginia for Brookies, so he was right at home in the Smokies. Here he is high sticking a good looking run where a fish was rising to some Blue Quills.

We stuck with a parachute adams for our dry in the afternoon, because they were all over it. Sometimes just keeping it simple is all it takes. The Blue Quills were hatching on and off all day which kept the fish wanting more on top. Towards the end of the day though, the fish seemed to be swatting at the fly more than actually eating it, so we went to a smaller size and started getting more love.

Although we did catch a lot of fish, this one was the biggest and to boot, it rose to a dry.

The March Browns will be the next big hatch and we have already been seeing them. Everything in our area is about a month and a half early, so if you love to fish those big dries in the Smokies don’t let it pass you by. Have a great day and be safe.

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