A delayed bite

The fishing in the National Park has been pretty good with March Browns, Hendricksons and Tan Caddis. We have been seeing a lot of Yellow Sallies, but haven’t noticed any on the water and no fish eating them. Also, the tailwaters are running good schedules and the fishing has picked up on them too. As for the smallmouth bite, it hasn’t quite picked up as much as we had hoped for this spring. It’s still really early and the water levels and temps have been so scattered, that the fish are kind of confused, heck so am I. This is one of the best times to catch a big fish during the pre-spawn stage though and fish the fly SLOW.

Ashley and I got out for a float last week before the T-storms got us.

As for the Park, it can be tricky one day and great the next. The water has been high for the last week and cool nights in the 40’s keep the trout on edge. If the previous night is cool, fish in the afternoon and if that’s not an option for you, get nymphs down to the bottom.

Here is a Big March Brown that got caught in an eddy. About a #12, but keep some #14’s on deck.

I hope the weather stays warm and the rain goes away for a while, because we could be in for some epic fishing this year. Oh yeah and we also got in some new gear for chucking big flies. The VXP series from Sage is an unbelievably smooth casting rod that’s really light with a price tag that’s easy on the the wallet. So no more ramen and beanie weenies.






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