Strange weather here lately

For the past couple of weeks the weather has been really nice for the most part, except for the occasional cold front or storm. It hasn’t seemed to slow down the Quill Gordons or Blue Quills though. The hatches in the Smoky Mountains have been pretty consistent for the most part, even during the last cold front we saw bugs on the water and the fish eating them.


We are still catching nice fish on dries and wet flies almost every time we go out. It’s so good to see nice healthy fish throughout the Smokies, especially since the past few summers have been in drought stages. We don’t see the hatches ending anytime soon either, which means we could possibly see an epic spring. My friend Ethan and I even saw a couple of March Browns on the water the other day, which is kind of nuts considering they don’t show up until April.

The weather is kind of nasty today which was good for some vise time. We almost have our smallmouth arsenal fully stocked with all sorts of goodies. It won’t be long before we start chasing these ground pounders. Have a blessed day and thanks for reading with us.

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