Finally seeing some winter

Yesterday, I was going to get caught up on bass flies for the season, but I knew the weather wasn’t going to stay nice for long, so fishing the park sounded like a better idea. I got to the river later in the morning thinking that I could find some bugs hatching, but they weren’t. I started fishing with small stoneflies and picked up a few fish with them.

Even though the adult bugs weren’t hatching, the fish were still feeding on them underneath the water. The fish weren’t on the bottom either because my rig wasn’t very deep. I mainly focused on riffle areas that I have seen bugs hatching in. After catching a few more fish I moved up river and noticed a better fish sitting on the bottom feeding. After a few casts I was hooked up with one of the prettiest browns I’ve ever caught. The Lord has been especially good to us these last couple of weeks, because catching fish like this is a rarity in Smokies.

I have never had a fish try so hard to throw the fly. He must have been crossed with a smallmouth.

Later in the day there was a fairly good hatch of Blue Winged Olives, Blue Quills, Brown Stones, and the occasional Quill gordon. The fish would definitely feed on the easy meal as it floated by.

Today, I went up in the park to fish with some buddies in the snow and the BWO’s, Blue Quills and Brown and Black Stones were hatching. It seems like the bugs are going to keep hatching whether it’s hot or cold. How good the hatch will be could vary by the weather. These are some pictures of the Middle Prong of the Little River while it was snowing.


Hopefully this cold front will be out of here quickly and we can get beck to throwing size 10 and 12 dry flies on a regular basis. The fishing has been really good rain, snow or sun. If you would like to book a trip just call or email us. You won’t want to miss this hatch.






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