Cooler weather coming

We have had a run of warm weather recently, but it looks like it might be coming to an end for a little while. Last week we had days that were in the 60’s, but this weekend we could see the high being in the 30’s. These cooler nights have dropped the water temp down to the low 40’s and it will probably get even colder this weekend.  The Quill Gordons and BWO’s have been hatching every afternoon though, as long as the sun is out so don’t leave your box of dries at home. The East, Middle and West prongs of the Little River have all been fishing great, but it seems that the fish on the East prong are feeding more on the dries than any other streams.


We have been catching bigger than average fish on dries every time we go out. That’s just what the Quill Gordon hatch does to these fish.

Be careful wading around the areas with gravel, because some of the rainbows seem to have started spawning early. We have noticed  several redds throughout the East prong. Now they aren’t nearly as big as the redds that the browns make, so you really have to watch for them.

Ashley and I headed to Abrams yesterday to see how the Gordon action was on that creek. They were definitely coming off but nothing was feeding on them. There were also a lot of BWO’s hatching, but still the same results. It seems like the fish on Abrams haven’t gotten used to them enough to feed on top.

They didn’t hesitate to eat a nymph though.

We mainly fished smaller stonefly patterns and pheasant tails and that seemed to do the trick. We didn’t have to weight them very much either, because the fish seemed to be off the bottom. Nymph fishing is probably going to be your best bet for the next couple of days and if you do see some bugs on top don’t be shy, put one on and you might be surprised at what comes up to take it. Have a blessed day and wade safely.




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