Streamer fishing

Fishing streamers can be a tough game and it can wear you out, but it can also be a good way to catch bigger aggressive fish. Today the water on the Little River got up to about 4 ft. Now I don’t recommend fishing the park when the water is this high, but we try to fish spots from the bank so we don’t have to wade. The fishing was pretty slow this morning, but picked up after lunch when Joe caught the first fish.

Joe knows browns and is very good at catching them.

I am a nymph fisherman, it’s my favorite way to fish and is the most affective way to fish the park in the Winter. I suggest using bigger nymphs in high water and smaller nymphs on low water. Also, use an indicator and split shot because it will help you find the bottom and see the subtle strikes. Sometimes changing up methods is fun and watching a bigger fish chase a streamer is a rush. Joe has some really good looking flies and knows how to use them, so we get creative when we fish together.


These guys came out of nowhere and surprised me.

The water has been in the 30’s and 40’s for the past couple of weeks and today the temps got a little warmer, so we thought the fish would be fired up. They weren’t as active as we thought. Even though we didn’t catch a lot of fish, we were still pumped with the results. Either way, can you really have a bad time fishing?

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