Floating the Little

Fishing the park this past week has been kind of spotty with high water here and there, plus the water temps have been jumping up and down. Usually when it gets like this we like to fish Middle Prong (Tremont) or Abrams Creek. Abrams is spring fed through Cades Cove so the water temps are a bit more stable in the Winter. Just watch where you wade, because the bottom is full of slanted ledges and slick rocks. I suggest not getting in over your waste.

Smaller grey nymphs, pheasant tails and stoneflies are all good choices, but they won’t do you any good if  they aren’t on or near the bottom. The fish are really pretty up on Abrams, probably because of the limestone rich bottom. There are also a lot of good hatches including Green Drakes in the Summer.

TWRA stock trout throughout Townsend in the lower Little River. Along with the stockers there are a lot of hold over fish from the past few years. We like floating the Little for these fish in the Winter because the water tends to be slower and the stockers don’t seem to mind the cooler water. Flashy attractor nymphs are probably the best way to go. If the water is off color use a larger fly, but if the water is clear go a little smaller.

Here is Ethan with a nice bow he picked up off the bottom with an attractor pattern. Remember, just because it might be cold or the water might be on the high side there are still quite a few options to choice from. If you just can’t stand the cold you can always stay in and tie flies and pop in a fishing video. If you are getting cabin fever and have to get out and fish, give us a call, we would love to show you the best time possible. Have a great day and may the Lord bless you.

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