A great start to the new year.

The weather has been kind of spotty lately with rain, but the air temps couldn’t be better for January. All this week it has been in the 40’s and 50’s and the park has great water levels. The fishing has still been pretty good, if you can get your nymphs to drag the bottom (a lot of shot).  Also use smaller patterns if the water is clear and go with a grey or olive nymphs. If the water is on the higher side like it has been the past few days use something a bit bigger and easier to see, like a stonefly pattern.

Also keep a close eye on your indicator, because the strike can be very subtle and you could miss a lot of fish. There are still some bigger browns trying to fatten up from the spawn. The will eat pretty much any nymph you put in front of them as long as you don’t smack the water with your line and indicator. Try not to go out and only focus on catching a pig, because you are missing out on a lot of really good fishing. I usually always catch my biggest fish when I’m just out having fun. If the water is higher when you get to the river, remember that you can usually go with a heavier tippet, just in case you do get that big one on.

My friend Ethan and I were supposed to go Musky fishing today or tomorrow, but everything is blown out right now and even though there is a chance to hook up with a giant fish on a 10 wt it’s just not worth it. Speaking of Muskies, the First Annual Musky Fly Fishing National Championships is going to be held here in TN on March 24th (http://zero2hero-aftonangler.blogspot.com/2012/01/first-annual-musky-fly-fishing-world.html). There are going to be lots of awesome fisherman there and really cool boats. A friend of mine Todd Gregory who owns Towee boats(http://www.toweeboats.com/) is one of the guys who is putting on the tournament and has invited us to come and fish it.

Check out Todd’s skiffs and the Musky championships it should be a fun event.

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