Fishing with my bud.

Here lately with home repairs and trips on our side and family and work on Tyler’s side it seems like we never get to go fishing on our own. Well last week we did and the fishing was great. It was really cold and the wind blew pretty steadily all day, but when Tyler and I fish together it’s always a blast. As soon as we got to the river, Tyler spotted a good fish sipping midges and black flies off the surface. We snuck down the bank and got behind the fish, but it went down. Tyler was patient though and waited for a good shot.


Patience pays off.

It wasn’t a day for numbers, but the average size was ridiculous. A fish like this one wasn’t uncommon to see. We slowly worked our way down the river, to some good looking shoals where we found some more fish rising. At that point the sun came out for a bit and a small caddis hatch came off. Again, long and thin leaders were a big help because they were picky and spooky.


I don’t see the nice weather staying around for very long, so if you can get out and fish, do it.

Recommended flies:

Parachute Adams#18-22

Black fly#20-26

Lime caddis#18-20

Olive caddis#18-20

Zebra midge (black/gold, black/copper)#18-24

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