Hunting season

It happens every year at the end of October/first of November, hunting season starts. There’s nobody on the rivers and the fishing is still really good. In fact, the Blue Winged Olives hatches can be very predictable. I guess everyone is in the woods with a gun or a bow. This time of year is also the start of our hunting season, the hunt for big browns. Now, catching a big brown in the Smokies isn’t  for some fisherman, it takes a lot of time and patience. Sometimes you don’t make a single cast all day, but having patience can pay off.


Tyler and I always seem to fish on halloween and we don’t plan it, but usually do pretty good. This past halloween the Lord really blessed us when we spotted this toad sitting on the bottom of a deep run. I love this time of year because it’s probably your best shot at catching a trophy. To be specific, pre spawn and post spawn are going to be the best times. While trout are on redds, they aren’t really concerned with eating, there’s too much on there minds. Plus you take a chance at snagging fish. As the trout finish spawning the females will take a few days to rest and then begin to feed heavily, to put on weight they have lost over the last month. Fish the riffles pretty good and make sure that if you do catch a female to revive her enough to where she swims off safely.

A lot of our clients talk about fishing in Patagonia and New Zealand for these fish and they can’t believe that a fish this big can live in the Smoky Mountains, but they do. Now Ashley and I have fished in New Zealand and it was great and there are huge fish there, but the awesome thing is that we have fish like this in our backyard.

Catching fish this size all day can be a blast too.

We try not to get too wrapped up in the hunt for big fish because we have our clients to think about and showing them a good time and putting them on fish is our main goal. Fishing is always fun no matter where you go and what you catch.

Flies for the Smokies:

Tellico Nymph #16-10

Pheasantail Nymph #18-12

Prince Nymph #14- 8

Beatis Nymph #20-16

Parachute Adams #18-12

Parachute BOW# 18-16




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