A break in generation

It hasn’t been easy to get on the Clinch and fish, whether you’re wading or floating, due to the mixed generation schedule and the constant changing of the weather. We have been keeping our eye on it about every day and looking for the water to slow down a little.


A couple of locals, J.J. and Caroline, wanted to float the other day and TVA gave us a break on the flows. The fishing was really good and the fish were very active. This was Caroline’s first time fly fishing and she did really well. She stuck a toad right above the takeout and after 3 jumps it was gone. That’s what makes it special.

Remember, if you do get out and fish on the Clinch, whether it be wading or floating, watch out for redds. The browns are still spawning so keep an eye out for nests around shoals. As long as you don’t step or drop anchor on one, you’ll be all right. Also keep in mind that if the females are done spawning they are going to be hungry and looking for an easy meal. They also are going to have very little energy so I probably would focus on slower water.

Be careful with the generation schedule, keep your eye on it and don’t risk it for a fish.

recommended flies

#18 pheasantail

#18 parachute adams

#18-22 zebra midges (black, olive, brown, grey)

olive or brown streamers



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