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I know my dad would always take me fishing and hunting when I was young and I loved it, still do. It is fall break for a lot of kids and a lot of their families come to the Smokies for a weekend trip. We’ve gotten to work with several kids lately on fly fishing. Watching them have fun and getting into the sport is a pretty awesome thing. In fact seeing them with results and smiling is the best part.


12 years old                                                                         6 years old

A couple of days in the park last week. It’s never to early to start fishing with your kids and working on fundamentals.

We also got to do a seminar on fly fishing at an outdoorsman’s day at Island Creek Baptist Church in Madisonville, TN. There were sporting clays and instructors, Polaris was there with new ATV’s to drive, lost of good BBQ and we got to do some casting instructions and talk about fishing and the Lord. It was a pretty awesome day and I think everyone had a good time.


It was great to see so many kids interested in fly fishing. Heck most of them didn’t want to give up the rod to the next person.

I also had the opportunity to get up and share my testimony.

I forgot to mention that they had some of the top ranked pro’s on the FLW tour. I got to listen to their testimonies too and tips on bass fishing.

It was an awesome day, a lot of fun and hated to see it end. It’s going to be an annual thing down in Madisonville and we will keep you posted for next years dates.

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