A typical East TN fall day on the river.

Chris is from Oklahoma and came to the Smokies for some relaxation and fly fishing. It was his first time in a set of waders and I’ve got to say he wasn’t too shabby. The Blue Winged Olives have been coming off pretty good, which makes fishing in the park pretty awesome, even with the cold weather. The bugs haven’t been coming off until the late morning, around noon. That doesn’t mean that you can’t catch fish though. Nymphs have been working well in the earlier part of the day.

Not a trophy, but you couldn’t have convinced him of that. The smile says it all.

That went on for a little while until the bugs started hatching, then it was game time on top. Normally Blue Winged Olives are a really small mayfly, around sizes 18 to 22. Here lately though, the Smokies has been producing size 14 bugs and the fish are loving it.

Congrats Chris on a successful day on the water and looking forward to the next time.


We also have October caddis coming off and they are running in the size 12 range, an orange stimulator will do the trick. After the trip was over, Chris was asking questions about living in the area for the future. All it takes is a fun day on the water for most folks and they are hooked.

The leaves are still pretty colorful, but won’t be for long. With the days getting shorter, colors starting to fade out and the fishing as good as it gets, why wait any longer.


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