Grand Slam

Sorry it has taken so long to put up a new fishing report, but here it is. Frank is from Chicago and fishes a lot out of western Wisconsin in spring creeks. Fishing the Smokies is always different from everywhere else, but Frank is used to fishing small streams, so it wasn’t  a huge adjustment. Frank is a great fisherman and a heck of a nice guy and we had fun. A small cold front had pushed through the night before and made the morning fishing a little slow, but once the sun came out, the fish were fairly active.


We hiked in just a little to catch a few brookies. This one was small, but what a looker.

We met up with some of the boys doing the Brook Trout restoration for the National Park Service and got to talk with them about the work they do for the fish. It takes a lot of work and heart to do what they do and I know we appreciate it very much. We are still seeing Isonychia’s and Stoneflies everywhere, but the bug that would draw the most attention was a brown or rust Caddis. The fish are very spooky so stay low and wear colors to match the background. Heck, wear camo and also bring a rain jacket with the transition of Fall.

Frank had what we call a Grand Slam which is when you catch a Rainbow, Brook and Brown trout in one day. Sorry for the lack of pictures but it seemed like every time we caught a fish it would be raining and didn’t want to ruin the camera.

Also be careful while fishing, because we have been spotting a lot of these on the banks. If you do see a bear never try to get a “good shot” of it. Getting close to a wild animal can be extremely dangerous and I know it sounds like common sense, but I see it everyday. We have had one trip after the other this week, so stay tuned for more fishing reports.

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