Feels like fall to us

Wow the weather has been up and down the last couple of days with heavy rains and the temperature gauge changing daily. The fishing on the other hand has only improved from it. In fact, Thursday we had a great day on the water with Joan and J.J. for some smallmouth action. The topwater bite was all day long and the fish were very aggressive. This was the first time for Joan and J.J. to be in a drift boat and they seemed to handle it very well.




Here are the first 2 fish for both Joan and J.J. Watching these fish blow up on poppers was very exciting.


There would only be a few sections on the float that we didn’t land fish, but still had action. With the cooler weather, the smallmouth were  not picky and they would definitely eat a decently presented fly. Every once and a while a fish would sneak up behind the fly and sip it and it was usually a nice fish, but most of them would give us a show. Here are some more fish that we caught throughout the day.


It was a great day on the water with Joan and J.J. and getting to show them our world of fly fishing for smallies was awesome. If you think that this would be your type of trip give us a call and let us put you on fish like this. I had to throw in this picture of us anchored up for lunch. It just doesn’t get any better than this.




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