We finally got to go

Byron from Little River Outfitters and I have been trying to get out and fish for a while, but during the fishing season it’s tough. Well it all fell in place this week and to the river we went for some popper action. The weather was nice and the fish were biting. When the sun was high though, the fish were pretty finicky and patience was a must. Here is Byron fighting a smallie that sipped a popping bug.


With hot days and cloudless skies, smallmouth can sit under a fly for a long time before they eat it, so stayed focused and wait. That was the case for most of the fish we caught today. Of course when you get used to that pattern, that’s when they blow up on it and surprise you. You’re never going to catch every fish that hits your fly, we didn’t today, but that’s part of the fun. In fact we lost some really nice fish today, but  that’s fishing. Byron had to keep reminding me of that, because I’m a pollock and can’t except it.

Our cicada that we have been tying produced a lot of fish, which was nice to see. I have a few more small changes to make on it, but I think we’ve got something. I think I made Byron a believer in it. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to fish with a good friend. Remember to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen out there in the heat.


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