Just the in between

So in between guided trips we like to get out and fish for ourselves, but that is a given. When we go, we usually end up chasing smallies either on foot or by drifter. It’s safe to say that smallmouth might be our favorite fish to catch on fly, especially this time of year. It also gives us a break from seeing trout day in and day out. Most every river in our area has smallmouth and they aren’t picky about flies. Minnows, crawdads and noisy topwater is just about all you need.




These are just some of the fish we have caught lately on our float trips. Float trips are a way to cover a lot of water and a nice way to spend the day. We float both tailwaters and freestone rivers, just watch the generation schedules and water levels after a good rain.




If you just want to get out and fish without the hassle of a boat, then there is plenty of wade fishing opportunities around in the National Park and through Blount County and Sevierville and the fish are just as eager to eat. If you haven’t tried smallmouth fishing I highly suggest giving it a shot, but be careful because it can be addictive.


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