hot days and low water

We have had a long streak of dry days with really warm temperatures and the fishing in the park has been good at certain times of the day, but with the water low and clear they are really spooky. Being stealthy will definitely be the way to keep up the numbers and wearing natural colors. Wednesday, I got to take Steve and Andrew fishing up in the National Park for their first Smokies trip. Andrew has been getting ready for med school at Vanderbilt and has had his head in a book for several months and needed a break.


The fish were finicky and gave subtle strikes, but we still managed to catch a few. Terrestrials are still the big hitters during the days with yellow sallies in the evenings. Also, using some 6x tippet and crouching doesn’t hurt. We have always said that if the fisherman is getting strikes, they are doing their job and making the fly look real and catching the fish is an added bonus. Steve and Andrew were great fisherman and now they have another notch on their wading belt.


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