A couple of days to float

The fishing in East TN is as good as it could be and the weather is unusually nice for the end of August. The smallmouth fishing is off the charts and though the National Park has some low water, throwing terrestrials has been a blast. My buddy Ethan McGroom is going back to school, so we wanted to take a couple of days and fish before he went back. The generation schedules on the tailwaters have been great for throwing streamers, which happens to be our favorite way to fish.

Streamer fishing can be tough at times, but can also bring out some very nice fish as Ethan shows off a few.

Watching a fish chase a fly out from the bank is pretty exciting, but trout tend to “swipe” at flies just trying to kill it, not trying to eat it and this way of fishing can be frustrating. We missed a lot of fish, some big and some small, but you really appreciate the hookups that you get. It is probably the best way to catch a quality fish and probably the most exciting, but sometimes you will work for them.

After lots of work throwing and stripping the Lord blessed us with the one that we were looking for. Now every fisherman always names a nice fish that he catches, so he can lie about how big it was later.

This is C.J.

We are expecting some really nice weather to come in this week and that will make the fishing even better, now if we could get some rain we would be set. If you are thinking about taking a trip to East TN and want to get in some fishing, give us a call. We would love to show you a good time on the water.






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