Water levels keep changing

Sunday, I took Chris Baker and his son Chase into the Smokies for some dry fly fishing. The weather has been crazy lately with all of the rain we have been getting. It had rained the night before so I didn’t know how bad the water would be, but it wasn’t high, although it was a little stained. If you are in the area and the conditions are like that, take advantage of it because it can be really good. Be careful though, if it’s too high just wait another day. It wasn’t long before they started catching fish and getting the hang of it. Terrestrials are still the key in the park; beetles, ants, hoppers and even cicada’s.

Here was Chase’s first fish of the day. Chase also landed a nice fish around 10 inches, but I was with his dad and couldn’t get a shot of it because Chris and I were trying to get a nice fish to come up and eat. The big one stayed down but here is one that got curious.

After a while Chris and Chase were in a groove and getting fish to rise in every pool.

These guys have done a lot of fishing in the Catskills, so they were used to fishing small streams like this. High sticking is a good technique to use when fishing the streams in the Smoky Mountains and it’s what we used a lot of on Sunday. On top of that, use light tippet and stay hidden from the fish and you should do pretty good. Also watch for the fish to be subtle we he rises for the fly. The Bakers take an annual fly fishing trip somewhere every year and I was glad that they chose to go through us this year in the Smokies because we had a lot of fun together and will look forward to going again.

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