Hot days, but the fishing is even hotter

Yesterday Tim Doyle and I had a trip with 3 guys from Georgia, John, Daniel and Charles. Since it was supposed to be really hot we decided to stay up high on the mountain. It’s funny because in the morning it was cloudy and cool, so I put on my rain jacket and was actually comfortable. The fishing was a little slow from the get go, but after the sun came out the fish were pretty active. It was dry fly action all day even when the sun was directly above us.

The yellow sallies are still coming off in the evenings, but it is terrestrials throughout the biggest part of the day. Also when it gets hot, stick to shady areas of the river and stay low. If you have natural colors or camo, that wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Fish like this one were the average and watching them come out from underneath a boulder and rise slowly to sip a big bug off the surface is something you have to see for yourself. The heat has not affected the fishing, so don’t let it shy you away from hitting the river. I mean, what better to do in the heat of the summer than stand in a stream with cool water on your legs in the shade. I hope that if you decide to fish that you drink plenty of water and wear your sunscreen. It can be dangerous without the two. If you would like to book a trip give us a call and we will show you all about Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing.

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