From redfish to Smoky Mountain trout

David is a redfisherman from Georgia but wanted to try his luck at trout. Going from an 8 wt to a 3 wt isn’t easy, but it didn’t take David long to get the hang of it. After getting used to the surroundings and seeing how fast the fish strike, we tried to get a grand slam (rainbow, brown and brook trout).

rainbow                                                                                brook

We didn’t get a brown in the net, but we did have several rise to our fly. We spotted some browns sitting in a slow run later in the day and David wanted to take a shot at them. He was very stealthy and made a great cast that landed perfectly and the fish exploded on it, but didn’t get his lips on the hook. I was really proud of david though for giving it a good try.

We had a great trip, caught a lot of fish and now David is that much better at fly fishing, not to mention hooked on Smoky Mountain trout. Whether you are fly fishing for trout, redfish or anything else you will always learn more about the sport by venturing out and experiencing new areas and techniques.

The fish were very active and looking up for bugs on top. We threw terrestrials for the most part and they seemed to like it, but the water was low and clear so we had to stay low and use light tippet. Even if you fish in the mornings fish the shady areas as well and be prepared to see fish lightly take a bug and not give you a splashy rise. I hope these tips help your fishing and always stay hydrated during these hot days.

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