A rainy day on the Clinch

Thursday we had a float trip on the Clinch River with Andrew, an ER doctor at UT. When we launched the boat at around 7:30am, it was so foggy you could only see about 50 feet in front of the boat. The fish were very spooky too so it took a little finessing and boat positioning, but we finally figured out what they wanted. The weather station was calling for temperatures close to 100 and no clouds or wind, well they missed it. It rained so hard we had to take cover and bailed the boat out twice. After the rain stopped, 1 generator caught up with us so it was streamers and deep nymphs.

The rain got to the lens on the camera, but you can see the nice fish that Andrew caught.

The ticket for us was deep nymphing and Andrew had no problem with it because he was an excellent fisherman and could really sling some bugs and weight. We tried streamers for a while but didn’t get the results that the nymphs got, so that’s what we stuck with. In one run Andrew got a perfect drift and the indicator went down, he connected with a nice fish, but we couldn’t see it for a while. The fish finally came to the surface and it was bright yellow, he had stuck a big brown around 20 inches and we thought we had it when it turned and ran him into a brush pile, and you know the rest.

Losing the fish didn’t get him down for long because shortly after, he landed yet another nice rainbow. These fish in the Clinch put up such a good fight and don’t like to give up. After we landed this fish we caught the second generator and it was pretty tough after that. We had a few more strikes but nothing good. On the way to the bottom ramp we noticed some otters, bald eagles and watched a 14 inch rainbow get eaten by a striper 20 feet off the boat. There’s no telling what you’ll see on these floats, but it will be something to remember. Have a blessed day and be safe on the water and don’t forget the rain jacket.

We were

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