A late report for Pat and Don

First, I want to start off by bragging on Pat and Don from Mississippi on their first successful trip to the Smoky Mountains. They had fished here before with no love, but just a little bit of guidance put them on track. Our trout in the park are known for striking a fly quickly, so it took a few shots before they hooked the first ones. Don shows off his first.

The water has been a little off color and high due to all the pop up showers we have gotten, so we tried some big nymphs under indicators, which is a good way to catch fish on high water. Pat was trying this technique when her indicator went down and realized she had something big on. My first thought is always a big brown, but after getting a glimpse of the fish I understood why it pulled so hard.

Did I mention she was throwing a 3 wt. I don’t think I have to say she had fun catching this guy. Remember that these showers can pop up very quickly and the water can rise rapidly while your fishing, so keep your eye on the weather. Also terrestrials are still working well and when the water gets back down to normal, stay low. It might be a good idea to keep some big nymphs on you just in case. Otherwise enjoy the fishing and good luck. If you need any advise about our area feel free to contact us with any questions.

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