A day for the guides

Tyler and I hit the water early today for some smallie action and it started with fish blowing up on topwater. This time of year the water temps are perfect and because of the constant chance of rain everyday, it keeps the clouds overhead which equals perfect popper action. The first 2 casts caught 2 fish, one being about 12 inches, the next being this guy.

Now normally I get worried when we catch fish right off the bat because of the first cast curse, but this time of year is peak time for topwater so Tyler and I smiled at each other and kept chucking bugs. Of course we have a rule between us that after a fish like this we switch positions, so after 2 casts I was already back on the oars. It wasn’t long before Tyler started ripping some lips too.

The topwater action was non stop all day long, which isn’t out of the ordinary for this time of year, in fact, if you are looking to catch a trophy smallmouth on topwater, now is the time. We have been working on some new topwater flies too and wanted to spend some time fishing them, so today was perfect. Tyler actually stuck a fish that would have dwarfed mine, but as quick as he was on he was off. All it took was a quick shake of the head and the leader snapped. With the hot days getting to be the regular thing, we focus a lot of time on these fish because they thrive in warmer temperatures. They are also very exciting to catch and can really get your blood flowing.

Not to mention gorgeous

You won’t find a freshwater fish that fights harder than these bad boys and the fact that they do cartwheels to eat the fly is incredible. If this sounds like your cup of tea give us a call and we would love to show you some of these heavy hitters. Have a great day and be prepared on the water with a rain jacket.

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