The heat’s not stopping us

Today I had the pleasure of taking out Dick Rollins for some of our smallmouth action. The fishing was pretty good and the topwater action was  definitely on. Dick is from Virginia where he fishes for smallmouth all the time on the New, James and Shenandoah Rivers. I really enjoyed fishing with Dick and learned how the folks up in Virginia do things, and got to show him a few techniques of our own. I love fishing with folks from different areas, because I learn a lot about the fishing in different places.

I was really impressed with Dick’s casting, he could throw it a mile and drop it into a shot glass. He also had Ninja reflexes when it came to hook sets, which was pretty good considering he was 69 yrs old. Dick caught some really nice fish and a lot of them were on top. Here are some monsters he managed to get to the boat.

It was a beautiful day and even though it got a little hot we really weren’t thinking about it much, because we had other things on our minds. Catching these fish is very exciting and they fight extremely hard and get acrobatic when they are hooked. Smallmouth can be very addictive and could possibly end your trout carrier. Tennessee is known for it’s smallmouth fishing and it is what my dad raised me on, so they have a strong hold on me.

We would love to show you some of these beauties, so give us a call and book your trip today. Have a blessed day and be real careful with fishing in this heat.

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