Hot days, Hot fishing

The highs for the past week have been in the mid 90’s and even though the heat has been a little much, the fishing has been better than ever. The park is warm and a little low but the fishing is still good. With the water levels getting a low try to be sneaky around the water and stay low, so you don’t spook the fish. Also spend more time fishing in the mornings and in the evenings with yellow sally patterns, march browns, golden stones, and slate drakes (isonychia’s).

The tailwaters are also fishing great with the Caddis still hatching strong on the Holston and sulphurs hatching on the Clinch. We had the pleasure of taking out James and Josh from Kansas on the Holston earlier this week. We caught fish on dries, emergers and nymphs throughout the day. When the sun was right above us, the fishing slowed down some, but then picked back up on the back side of the trip. We caught a lot of fish and had a bunch of LDR’s. It was a great day and look forward to taking these guys out again.

We also had the chance to get out and play with some bass nearby the house. They are aggressive chasing down clousers and busting topwater. They might get slow in the middle of the day so fish slower, but just like the trout, the smallmouth will be more active in the mornings and evenings. Stay posted because we will be doing a lot of smallie fishing this next week, and will put up some pics. Here are some from the other day.

Heck we even caught a nice bow in the lower Little.

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