A Saturday for us

It’s unusual to get a Saturday off in this business, especially during fishing season and summer break, but we seemed to make the best of it. Ashley and I don’t get to fish together much, so it was nice to have a care free saturday to float for, you guessed it, SMALLMOUTH. The weather was great, the water temp and flow were perfect and the fish were fired up.

We caught most of our fish on streamers and missed quite a few on topwater. Clousers always work well in a variety of colors and sizes,but don’t forget about crawdads. It seems that most of the smallmouth we catch have claws deep in the throats. Ashley was getting in some rowing and I was explaining what run to take, when I looked at my fly and noticed a nice fish mouthing it, but I missed him. It was a great day and it was really nice to see Ashley landing some nice smallmouth, like the one in the photo.

Every bit of water around us is fishing great, the National Park is incredible in the morning and evening and floating for trout and smallmouth on our tailwaters ┬áhas been really good. We have also been hearing Cicadas in the Smokies so keep some on you just in case. Don’t let the heat shy you away from fishing, we just work around it and alter our days. Call or email us for one of these trips and don’t let the summer pass you by. I hope that you have a blessed day and catch a few fish, but be careful in the heat.

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