Yellow Sallies booming

Today Stephen Page and I headed up to Elkmont to try out the dry fly action. Stephen had never fly fished before so after a quick lesson on the grass, he was ready for the water. I have to say, he did really good. He landed quite a few fish and missed a heck of a lot more, but I just told him “welcome to the smokies” and we both laughed. The yellow sallies are coming off more in the evening, but you will still find some in the late afternoon around 4:00pm. As long as your fly box is stocked with yellow flies you will be all right and if it isn’t, run to Little River Outfitters in Townsend and they will set you up. I really enjoyed fishing with Stephen and by the look of his face I think he enjoyed it too. Poor guy though, he missed a really good brown on a dry, but it was just nice to see it rise anyway. Here is a shot of a nice fish that Stephen caught right off the bat.

We also got to get out on the Holston river real early one morning this week and played around with some new topwater flies I have been working on. I am pretty pleased at the results they brought in. We had several blow ups and caught 3 nice largemouth within about 30 yards of each other. We quit throwing it because I only tied 1 and didn’t want to lose it, I mean I’ve got to make more of these things.

I have a smallie trip coming up next week and I am excited about throwing the new bugs at them. Have an awesome day, thanks for reading and be careful fishing.  Wherever you go, wear plenty of sunscreen, because we are about to see some hot days ahead.

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