We’re back on the Holston

We have been on the Holston the past couple of days and it has been fishing good. The caddis are still coming off strong and the weather is getting back to normal. Ted sr. and Ted jr. learned how to fish the park on monday and yesterday wanted to see what tailwaters were all about. They saw very quickly that they are 2 different worlds, but they loved both of them. They are beginners in fly fishing and were successful in both big and small waters. Here are some fish from yesterday’s float.

Man these guys were a lot of fun to fish with. If we would have done a smallie float too, they would have been some well rounded fisherman, but we will save that for next time. They are from Wisconsin and do a lot of ice fishing, so I don’t need to tell you how much they liked it down here. We are looking forward to all the warm weather coming in, and we will probably be doing some more smallmouth stuff. So stay tuned for more fishing reports.

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