Playing in the rain.

Yesterday we had an awesome day in the park with Ted and Ted Destifano from Wisconsin. The sulphurs are really coming off in the park right now in sizes 18 to 12, but the killer was still a 16 yellow stimulator. We had some really nice fish blow up on our dries, but missed a lot of them. The rain didn’t help either when it would drowned our flies. When the rain started coming down harder we would throw the dry under over hanging rocks or limbs and the fish loved it. Then we just switched to nymphs and caught even more.

It was a great day and the Destifano boys were a hoot, now they can fish the park like pros. Unfortunately my camera quit on me so we don’t have any pictures, but I am not lying I promise. I wouldn’t do that to my readers. There are so many bugs coming off right now in the National Park in a variety of sizes, so keep in your box some yellow sallies #16, Sulphurs #18 to #12, Tan caddis #16 to #14, and of course the parachute adams. You can drop of a beadhead pheasant tail or beadhead tellico nymph and do pretty good too.

Thanks for reading with us and we hope to get you on the water for some incredible dry fly action. Have an awesome day.

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