Keeping the boat wet

The Dossers and I made it out to the Holston today for a float. The sun was shining and the fish were biting, what more could you ask for. The weather channel was calling for rain but we only saw a few sprinkles. There were a lot of fisherman out today, mostly wade fisherman and the fish were very active and didn’t get put down due to the pressure. That’s an indication of how awesome the fishing is on the Holston right now, not to mention all over East Tennessee. Here is a photo of a nice rainbow that Bob Dosser caught. Gail Dosser caught several fish about the same size and missed a good smallmouth.

The fish were not hesitant to eat the fly today, but were hesitant to get stuck, which means they were quick strikes, plus we had a bunch of L.D.R’s. The funny thing is that we still boated quite a few fish nonetheless. It is silly right now in our area, but it is just a normal Spring for us, it gets crazy. The caddis did let up a little around 12:30 so we stopped for a bite to eat and had to get a shot of our view.

On the way to the take out we were pleasantly surprised by this small doe wandering the bank. It was a beautiful day and we can only thank the Lord for it. Don’t forget about troutfest tomorrow and Sunday, and if you want to talk about fishing I think we can help you out.

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