East Tennessee is the place to be

We have been fishing in the Smokies and on the tailwaters this past week and both have been incredible. In the park, the dry fly fishing has been so good with the yellow sally’s, hendricksons, and march browns that there is no need to put on a nymph. The Holston River caddis hatch has started too and it has the fish going nuts. Hugh Hartsell and I fished the Holston Monday and had a great time. The fish were eating the adult caddis, emergers and nymphs all day. We caught several fish and a few that would run in the 18 to 20 range on dry’s. The caddis hatch will last until the end of June so you don’t want to pass it up.

Like the tailwaters, the Smokies are on fire. The dry fly action has been outstanding, especially with the yellow sally’s. The yellow sally is a small yellow stonefly in sizes 18 to 14. It’s our longest hatch of the year and they come off all day long. Towards the later part of the day they are very thick, but it doesn’t matter to the fish because they eat them all day. The eawther has been great and the rain has held off for a while which has our rivers at great levels. If you are thinking about a vacation and want to get away, the Smokies would be the place to do it. I can’t say enough about the fishing, it has been awesome and you don’t want to miss it.

Along all the roads and trails by the rivers you will see tons of wild flowers growing, and right now one of my favorites, the Trillium, is blooming everywhere. You will also notice what looks to be a small snake in the rocks and soil, but don’t be alarmed because it is a giant millipede. The Smoky Mountains is an incredible place with very beautiful surroundings and lots of wild animals and plant life. It’s a one of a kind place. Have a blessed day and thanks for reading with us.

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