More smallies

Yesterday we hit the river for some more smallie action and it was good. The fish were very active and they didn’t hesitate to eat a fly. TVA has had great schedules on all of the smallmouth waters and we have been taking advantage of it. Alex caught some nice smallmouth on the float and boy were they pretty. This one looked like he cross breaded with a tiger. We also threw some white bass in the mix.

The wind blew all day on the river which made casting kind of tough and as soon as we got to the take out it was like glass. That always seems to be the case. Next weekend is Troutfest and we will have a booth set up, so come and say hi and talk about fishing, or share some lies whatever you choose. It looks like tomorrow is going to be cold and rainy so I will probably spend some time behind the vise tying some smallmouth flies for our up coming trips this next week.

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