Tan lines and smallmouth

Yesterday the high was around 88 and it was supposed to be sunny all day, so Ashley and I couldn’t pass up floating the Little River for some early season smallmouth. The water temp was about 60 which is good, because it speeds up their metabolism and they will be more willing to chase down their prey. They are also starting to move up into shallower water, but don’t rule out the deeper holes just yet. They should be starting their spawn right now and will for about a month. So be careful where you step. Watch out for gravel shoals and backwater areas with gravel and sand.

Craw patterns are always a good fly to chuck, but they will eat baitfish as the water gets warmer like it has been. They were pretty aggressive yesterday and would absolutely pound the fly. We cant get enough of them, and we have the ultimate rig for floating this season, so we are pretty excited. We have been booking smallmouth trips for the spring and summer, and it seems like this fish is becoming more popular with fly fishermen. They are strong fish and give super aggressive strikes, but if you have never experienced a smallmouth bass than give us a call and we can set you up with some.

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Asheville with our friends Megan and Tyler at the Fly Fishing Film Tour that was held at the Highland Brewery Co. The videos were great and they did an awesome job setting everything up. They had an incredible smallmouth video from RA Beattie. Sunday we decided to get the gals on the water for some dry fly fishing on the Oconaluftee River in the National Park. It is one of my favorite rivers to fish because it has lots of good sized browns in it. A lot of the wild flowers were blooming on the banks and the Dogwoods are in full bloom as well and they look amazing. We are very blessed to be living in such a beautiful part of the country, and we would love to share it with you too. Have a great day and remember to wear sunscreen when you go out, just ask Ashley about that.

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