Dry fly fishing is still top notch

We were in the park everyday day last week with clients, and fishing ourselves and it was a good week for dry fly fishing. The Quill Gordons, BWO’s, Blue Quills, Red Quills and even Yellow Sallies, believe it or not, are coming off throughout the day. We have tried nymphs but the fish seem to want the adult more than anything. The sun usually has to come out for the bugs to get active, but when it does, have some dries ready. I would definitely have some adams in #16 – #12 and some Gordons in your box, that should get you by. With the water down and clear, I would also use a thin leader. Here are some photos of the fish we caught.

We also got to float yesterday afternoon and had a lot of fun. It was nice to have a day of warm weather and sun, the fish seemed to like it too. We caught all of our fish on nymphs so it shouldn’t be long until the tailwaters get just right. We saw fish sipping midges but couldn’t get them to eat any dries. It was nice to get the drifter wet and get Ashley out on the water, and as you can see she had a good day spotting, then catching fish. She isn’t too shabby with a fly rod. Oh yeah, and we got to see a family of Bald Eagles fishing in front of us. We hope that you can come join us on the water and experience some of this great fishing. Thanks for reading with us and have a blessed day.

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