Sun, eager trout, Quill Gordons = good time

I will have to apologize to Eric and Adrianne for posting this so late, but we just got back from Ridgecrest, NC for a youth conference. Eric and Adrian Pettway are from Mobile, AL and they are really into guns. So much that they own a gun store called A and E Gun Shop (251-634-0123) where they sell Fully automatic machine guns to sniper riffles and everything in between. They are also big into Red fishing so this trip was going to be a little different. They came up for their 10th anniversary and wanted to see the Smoky Mountains and do something they have never done before, FLY FISHING. The water was a little high, but the bugs were coming off and the fish were eating them.

There were brown stones coming off all day and the fish would rise to them but the fish were waiting on the big boy (Quill Gordon) to get excited. We had a few strikes on Pheasantails, but they were really subtle, so we put on an Adams in a size 12 and got strikes right off the bat. Eric is a Red fisherman, so he had to learn to go easy on the hook set and when he realized how easy it had to be he started catching fish. The first fish we caught was a male that had his spawning colors and lots of spots. We wanted a picture but he started milting so we put him back in. As soon as the sun was over us the Gordons were coming off pretty consistently so there was no reason to switch flies. It wasn’t very hard to to get Eric and Adrianne addicted to the sport, especially when the trout would come up and eat. He told me that he could see himself moving here and becoming a Trout fisherman. We had a great time and the Pettway’s were awesome people. They picked up fly fishing really quickly, too. I’m Looking forward to getting some good shots and videos of rising fish on the next trip.

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