Not your average park day.

The park was on fire today with bugs everywhere and fish were eating them all day. The fish were only eating the adults too so don’t miss out on some of this fishing. I saw a lot of BWO’s and Quill Gordons coming off and tried to grab a fly to get a shot of it but the fish wouldn’t let me. I did manage to catch one on the water and noticed the Gordons are getting smaller in a size 12 or 14 so be careful how big your bug is.

The average fish today was between 12 and 14 inches which is unusual for the park, but I’m not complaining. I wanted to cover some water today and see how the hatches were in other parts of the river, but I noticed a fish off to the side just barely sticking his nose out for a bug and started watching him. He finally came up to the surface and I saw Smoky Mountain gold, and a lot of it. I would say he was around 20 inches, it was crazy to see a fish that big eating dries. After seeing this I had to throw at him. I actually got him to take the fly 3 times and missed all 3 times. I don’t stay collected when there are big fish like that around. It was an awesome day none the less and the Lord definitely blessed me. The Smallmouth fishing should be getting good as soon as we get some warm weather. We are starting to book up for Smallmouth trips so give us a call if you want to to book a trip. Oh and if ┬áTVA shuts off the water on the Holston we will be fishing the insane caddis hatch. Ah yes its that time again. Check out these Gold bricks from today. Oh and one rainbow brick.

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