A long awaited Spring

Tim Doyle and I had a trip in the park Thursday with a family of 5. The weather couldn’t have been better, and the bugs were everywhere. The fish weren’t shy when the fly drifted over them either. The family caught quite a few altogether, with a good mix of rainbows and browns. The folks got to see how fast a Smoky Mountain trout can eat a fly and spit it out, a traditional trait of our trout. We had enough takes though, so the fisherman got the hang of it after a while. Tim and Leslie were the folks I fished with and they were great people and really got fly fishing. I would have more pictures of the fish we caught including a 14 inch rainbow that Tim caught and a nice brown from Leslie, but I decided to take a dip and ruin my camera, but here are some that I managed to get earlier in the day.

I also took David, Mike and Jim to the South Holston for a float trip the very next day. We had planned on floating the Holston in Rutledge, TN, but it has been running high for the past 2 weeks and after the day that Hugh Hartsell and I had with BWO’s on Wednesday, I thought we would travel back to Bristol for the hatch. The weather channel was calling for 78 degrees and sunny, but we got about 60 degrees and cloudy with wind, so the fishing wasn’t great to start with. We needed the sun to come out for just a little bit to start the hatch off but it never showed itself. We still caught fish with dries and had strikes with beatis nymphs, but the bugs were not thick and the fish were picky. Jim was 85 and showed us all that because he was up in years doesn’t mean he forgot how to fish; he caught a whopper just down from the ramp. Jim just had it when it came to trout fishing. Mike was also a good fisherman and had a great cast. David, the son, is a student at UT and set all this up so his dad and grandpa could enjoy a day of fishing.

We’ve also been floating the lower Little River for smallmouth. I thought that with these really warm days the smallies would be active, but I think they need another week or so before it starts to get good. I have heard from other fisherman that they are catching a few but it’s not great. Sunday afternoon around 2:00pm we launched the raft and it was a beautiful day, and the water levels were perfect. The water temp was around 58 which is a good temp to be fishing for smallmouth, but their metabolism is still a little slow; however, that should change shortly. The full moon does affects how the fish feed at night and that will limit how much they feed during the day. We also just witnessed a super moon, which makes night seem like day. They will also be feeding on craw patterns and hellgramites right now, so I would spend more time fishing with them. Today was technically the first day of Spring, so we can’t say the fishing has been bad. One thing we can say, is that it is about to get awesome.

Thanks for reading with us and we hope you can get out and spend some time on the water, and if you don’t have much time, you can call us.

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