A cloudy SoHo day

Hugh Hartsell and I floated the South Holston today and had a awesome time. The clouds never really did leave and it didn’t get as warm as they said it would, but man did the BWO’s come off. They were slow at first, but by 12:00 pm they were everywhere and the fish were diggin their chilly. We caught one on a streamer and the rest all on dries. I don’t think I have ever seen a BWO hatch that good on any river. The fish wanted them floating high in the water though. If it started to sit in the water at all, they wouldn’t look at it. My friend Ed Duffey met up with us about halfway through the float and all three of us were hooking up. I was throwing a comparadun BWO, size 16 and that seemed to work the best. TVA should be running a generator on that river for at least another week or so, I would suggest to fish it. We will be back up there Friday with some guys from Nashville. The weather is going to be great for the next few days and no rain in sight, so the Holston and Clinch should be running a good schedule next week and we will be there. Here are a couple of pictures we took of the day.

Have a great day guys  and we hope to get you out on the water for days like this.


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