Take your wife to work day

Ashley and I hit the Holston today after church and had a nice day on the river. The sun was covered pretty much all day so the midges weren’t coming off like we had hoped but the fish would still eat a zebra midge with no problem. There were a lot of Black Flies in sizes 26 on the water the entire day and the fish were eating them so if you have patterns that small, throw them. We temped the water and it was 45 degrees, which is a few degrees cooler than the last time I was on the water. Ashley actually pickied up fish right off the bat with a zebra midge and we caught more all day long with them. Here is a shot of her first fish of the day, and the fish seemed to have a towing package because they put a good bend in the rod.

Later in the float, the sun came out and there were more gray midges coming off which brought the fish to the surface. They were selective though, we threw a lot of emergers and small dries and got rejected a lot. The fly that would work the best was a small adams in sizes 20-24 and fished them in riffles. If you can help getting too close with a longer cast than do it because they are spooky. We noticed some carp moving around in the backwaters, so we had to see if they would eat a fly. If the carp are moving around and the water is close to 50, maybe we could see some smallmouth action soon. Keep your fingers crossed. Here is a picture of my golden beauty, I love these fish, they fight harder than any other fresh water fish. If you can get past the lips they are actually a pretty fish.

Thanks for reading with us and hope to see you guys out on the water.

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