Back on the Holston

TVA has been running their normal schedule on the Holston here lately, and with the weather being really nice I had to get the boat wet. I didn’t get to spend all day on the river, but I was out there for about 5 hours and I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as I got to the first riffle I stuck a toad and lost it at the boat, but I thanked Jesus for blessing me with it anyways. There weren’t many bugs coming off except for midges, but that seemed to be what the trout were feasting on. There were a lot of fish rising all down the river throughout the day and they didn’t let up. I pumped one fish’s stomach and couldn’t believe how many midges he had, and on top of it he ate mine. If you don’t have a pump, I would suggest getting one it will make your day a heck of a lot easier.

They were real finicky though, and it took several casts to get them to eat the fly, so be patient. The water temp was in the high 40’s almost 50, but like I said, the midges were everywhere so the temperature didn’t matter. I would try to get out and fish if you can and take advantage of this nice weather. Spring is getting closer and the fishing is excellent so come join on the tailwaters or in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a fun time on the water. We have a raft on the way and we are building a trailer for it, so now we can take more folks on the water and use it for more smallmouth trips. We are pretty excited about floating those hard to reach rivers. Thanks for reading today and hope we can share with you some of the same experiences that we have.

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