Winter time blues

Lately I have been tying a lot of streamers, poppers and dries for the Spring. It is hard to tie up flies like that because it gets me thinking about smallmouth slamming topwater, carp tailing in the shallows and trout sipping down emergers in the riffles, then I look out the window and there is 6 inches of snow on the ground. I started going crazy yesterday, don’t get me wrong, I love tying but every man has his breaking point. I took a break and drove up to the park to fish for a couple of hours.

I figured with the warmer temps and snow runoff, it would really put the fish down. To my surprise the fish were really active even though the the water was freezing. I got pretty close to the holes that I wanted to fish because the water had color to it. It was definitely worth getting out of the house for a couple of hours. I think all in all I ended up landing about 10 fish and lost a really nice fish that I had on for a few seconds. Keep your hopes up folks, Spring is almost here and the fishing will pick back up.

Most of the fish that were caught were in this range and were really pretty.

This was the biggest of the day and reminded me of a cuttbow from the Snake River in Idaho. Most of these fish were males and some of them milted on me when they came out of the water. I guess they can see Spring coming better than we can. Oh, did I mention I caught all my fish on streamers, I love it.

This guy surprised me on my walk back to the truck. He was hunkered down in the tall grass and it took me making every noise possible to get him to get up and pose like this.


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