Snow and fish

Harris and myself drove up to Cades Cove Friday to do a little fishing in the snow. It was pretty chilly in the morning and didn’t think it was ever going to warm up. It was a beautiful morning and surprisingly enough, there weren’t that many other people out. Where there was a lack of people the deer made up for it. They were everywhere and the bucks were out and about moving around, along with a few turkey. We were pretty fired up about fishing because neither one of us has gotten the chance to go in about a week. When we got out of the truck and started gearing up Harris realized that he had forgotten his boots, so we had to run back into town to Little River Outfitters where they took care of us like they always do.

On the drive back up the mountain we noticed a lot more people going into Cades Cove, but we got back to the creek and didn’t see any other fisherman around. This time of year most of the folks going into the park aren’t getting out of their cars anyway so it is a really good time to fish or hike. We walked the creek trying to spot the fish first because with the water being lower and gin clear they can be really spooky. We noticed fish spooking but going right back to their runs which told us they were starving. We started with Pat’s nymphs and a BWO pattern that I tie. We had a few strikes but not enough love to keep them on. The fly of the day was a size 14 quasimoto pheasantail with some flash on its back. Hang it under an indicator about 24 to 30 inches with a small splitshot and you have a recipe for success.

Also stay low to the ground or try to hide behind something and move slow. I would also go with a light tippet but be delicate on your hook sets, you don’t want to break off. It looks like we are going to have some fare weather headed our way and it will be here for a while so get out and enjoy God’s work before the cold weather comes back, and it will. We are going to get some rain and the creeks might come up so watch out while wading. We’re glad that you could join us today and hope we could be of some help to you on the water.

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