Fall recap

Sorry guys, I haven’t written anything lately because my computer crashed and our internet went down at the same time. I just wanted to go over the last week of fishing. We’ve spent time in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and on the Clinch river. Both have been fishing really good and this cold weather pushing in doesn’t seem to bother the fish that much. The browns in the National Park have pretty much finished up with their spawning so the bigger fish will be hungry. The rainbows have been aggressive too and we have been seeing some bigger fish.

The Brook Trout on the Clinch have really done well, they are getting big and are healthy. We are getting grand slams just about every time we fish the Clinch. By the way a grand slam is when you catch all 3 species of trout. The fish on the tailwaters are still munching on Black Caddis, but not the adults, just the emergers and larvae. Midges have also been a big part of their diet in olive and black. We did notice a few Black Flies too. It is starting to get cold and we are getting a lot of rain in our area so if you decide to come down and fish, dress warm and wade carefully. Don’t get me wrong though the fishing is good. We actually got snowed on today about 3/4 of the day which was awesome, because I love fishing in the snow. Here are some picture of fish that were eating in the snow. Later guys.

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