Caney, alive and well

Yesterday a good friend of mine Walt Holman and I met a the Caney Fork river for a long over due float trip. It was a perfect fall day with lots of sun no wind and warm temps. There wasn’t anybody on the river besides us all day which was unusual for the Caney Fork. It is a very popular river for kayaking and canoeing and we usually run into a lot of them on the water. The fish were active, feeding on small grey midges and brown caddis. The trout were doing cartwheels for the bugs and coming completely out of the water. We caught a lot of fish, but missed a lot too and some would get off at the boat. That’s par for trout fishing though, fishing small flies with thin tippet and the fish don’t stop shaking and jumping, but it part of the thrill.

There were tons of wildlife along the banks, which is good because the Caney isn’t that developed and I hope it never gets that way. We saw Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Otters and Deer as we floated past them and they could care less about us which was awesome. We had a great day and the fishing was excellent, what else could you ask for. Now Walt catches some big fish but doesn’t like to brag about it, so I will brag for him and I made him take this picture. Thank for joining us today and get out and enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it.

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