Back on the Clinch

Yesterday I took Jesse Overbay a Knoxville local on the Clinch for a little fly fishing. We have been trying to get on the water for a long time but our schedules never matched up. The generation was perfect and the Lord blessed us with a beautiful fall day. Even the air temperature was nice and warm. Jesse has done some fly fishing for bass and bream on the lake but this was his first time fly fishing for trout. Not long after we launched the boat Jesse had already picked up a few nice trout. Here are some pics of Jesse’s first couple of trout.

There were a lot of small black caddis coming off all throughout the day, but the fish seemed to be feeding mostly on nymphs and emergers. We caught most of our fish with size 16 and 18 pheasanttails and size 20 caddis emergers. We caught a few on the adults too, but just here and there. When it was lunch time Jesse grabbed a bite to eat so I took a few casts at a fish sipping midges and was surprised at what was on the other end of the line, a nice brown.

With all the rain we had early in the week it made the water from I75 bridge down kind of muddy and I was afraid that the fish wouldn’t be feeding much. They were in fact and we picked up even more fish through this stretch. On top of that Jesse caught his first brown trout, so it couldn’t have been better. I still remember catching my first brown up in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at Metcalf Bottoms on a stimulator. All in all it was a fantastic day and Jesse caught a lot of fish, so needless to say there is going to be another addict out there with us. Have a great day and thanks for being with us.

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